Mark Cruver

Mark Cruver
Mark Cruver is an IECA Professional Member

Having worked nearly 20 years in the corporate world, comfortable with benefits and a steady monthly income, Mark Cruver's comfort zone changed when one day, he stepped out of all that seemed normal and entered a world unfamiliar but coveted.  He entered the American dream and fulfilled a life-long desire to create something from nothing, building with his own hands, heart and hard work -- he entered self-employment as an IEC.  Challenged by the new demands of entrepreneurship, alone and curious, he built a relational brand associated with quality and experience.  He is one of many experts in the field of educational consulting, but building the engine to move his new business to newer heights required many days of doubt and determination.

Mark's journey in building a successful business as an IEC may be one you find all too familiar.  It's not uncommon for new IEC's to experience a place where roads seem to end and ideas have no traction.  There were days on end when Mark wished he had someone to help him avoid the potholes, speed bumps and distractions that often mislead and misdirect the focus of staying on task and moving forward.

Continue reading as Mark shares about his own experience.

In what felt like a surrender, I soon recognized the need to find someone with whom I could strategize, field ideas and hear the truth and reality of my journey.  And so I reached out to a veteran IEC and he took me under his wing.  It was the best decision I ever made.  With his help I learned how to grow my business, build local awareness, market my products and in doing so, become a better entrepreneur and consultant!

The first few years after becoming an IEC, it gets tough.  But like anything worth gaining, it takes time, sweat and sometimes a few tears.  The challenges are huge, but the rewards are sweet.  For me, it was worth every minute -- and I'd do it all over again.  In fact, I sorta am doing it all over again . . . except this time I could be experiencing it with YOU!  This is why I'm The IEC Mentor, to help those, like you, who are NEW IEC's.  We'll face YOUR challenges together!


Professional Accomplishments

Capstone Educational Consultants
Founder (2012)

University of California, Irvine
Independent Educational Consultant Certificate Program (2014)

Higher Education Consultants Association
Member (since 2014)

National College Advocacy Group
Member (2014-2015)

North American Coalition for Christian Admissions Professionals
Member (since 2013)

Independent Educational Consultants Association
Professional Member (since 2015)
College Committee Member (2016-2018)

American Institute of Certified Educational Planners
Certified Educational Planner (2016)

College Recruiting Group
Advising the College-Bound Student-Athlete Certificate (2017)

Fayette County Chamber of Commerce
2017 Small Business of the Year Nominee