Believe In You, The Key To Success

In all of life, embarking upon a journey requires some level of determination and belief.  For many, that journey takes the shape of a diet, a marathon, a construction project, a wilderness adventure or even a trip to the dentist.  All of them require a seemingly celestial strength, beyond that of mortal men and women to fight the battles of doubt, frustration, failure and personal fuel to go the extra mile.

Giraffes Believe TooBut like Wednesdays in the middle of the week, the “hump” must always be defeated at whatever cost.  Because we all know, once we reach the top of “hump-day” it is downhill from there.  Unfortunately, however, why is it we often give up?  We tend to run out of gas on the journey towards success feeling defeated before we even begin.

I’d like to suggest it isn’t so much that we run out of steam.  I think we have a small fire, sometimes a raging furnace, burning within to drive us the distance and beyond.  We tend to become our own enemies in the journey and snuff the flame of success because we fail to believe we have what it takes.  And I’m here to tell you . . . YOU HAVE WHAT IT TAKES!

I recently wrote an article for the Members-to-Members edition of the Insights Newsletter for IECA called Giraffes Never Worry About The Deep End of The Pool.  It’s about knowing who you are as an IEC and what you are fully capable of being and becoming!  Take a look . . . or should I say, “Dive in!”

Ultimately your success is riding on you!  It’s not always tied to knowledge, experience or even entrepreneurship.  The key to your own success lies in whether or not you believe in yourself.  Take the time to reflect and see in you what I see — someone who is ready to get started, continue the journey and take their business to the stars and back!

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