Features and Benefits for the new(er) IEC

Identifying the features and benefits of your IEC business can save you an embarrassing moment. How many times are you asked, “What do you do?” and fumble with the words to describe your new professional adventure as an IEC?  In most cases, your answer must be quick, concise and conveyed in such a way so as to tease the recipient’s appetite to learn more.

But, like it is in any business, establishing your presence as an IEC and communicating what you do with such precision can be a challenge, to say the least. Wouldn’t it be nice if you were ready and on the mark to clearly answer that question about what you do?  Wouldn’t it be great to instantly become the solution to the problem your “soon-to-be customer” never knew they had?

Now you can!  After this course, you’ll develop a list of benefits your IEC business offers. With this list on hand, you’ll be on your toes with a host of clear reasons why potential customers need your services – without sounding “salesy.”